Instructions To Order From Lylas Closet Clothing Line

Comment under the photo that you would like with your name and address and then I will email you with my address so you can mail me the check, and I will mail you your adorable outfit! Or go to my etsy store if you would like to pay by credit card. Directions for getting there are on the right side of this blog! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here is a darling outfit for your sweet little girl! The size for this outfit is 12 months to 18 months! This outfits consists of a red skort, white shirt with zebra ribbon and buttons and an extra red ruffle on the back to make it extra girly! The whole outfit is only $20.00 dollars plus $5.00 dollar shipping! It is a great deal!

Friday, December 19, 2008

These cute birthday hats are adorable and perfect for that special day~ Each is $3.00 dollars plus $5.00 dollar shipping!!!
I also have all the dress up items that you may need for your little princess! The pink cape is $8.oo dollars, the white princess dress is $12.00 dollars and will fit 12 months to two years, the purple pom pom dress is $10.00 dollars and will fit about 6-12 months,(I can also get a pink one and the size can go up to 5 years old for pink and purple) The white fairy wings are $7.00 dollars and the big green wings are $10.00 dollars, they also come in pink!!!! All of this will be so fun for any special occasion or for just dress up for your little princess! Also perfect for gifts!!
Everything is also $5.00 dollar shipping

These little outfits are so comfortable for your baby and still so cute! These outfits are 6-12 months and are for sale for $22.00 or two for $40.oo plus five dollar shipping. I can make these in any size up to about 4 years old and can make them out of any fabric swatches that you see here on the blog!!

Here are two different types of skirts that I sew! These two are for sale or you can choose from any fabric choices that you see here on the blog to custom make your own!!! It is so fun! All skirts are $22.00 or two for $40.00 plus five dollar shipping!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here is a stunningly cute halter dress made completely out of tulle. This dress is perfect for any special occasion, birthdays, pictures, or just fun dress up for your sweet little girl. This dress right now that you see fits size 18 months to 3 years old. Your little princess will be stunning! The tulle dresses are 40 dollars for up to three years old, if you are needing bigger sizes it will be an additional ten dollars so we can get more tulle for you. You may choose any colors that you would like, up to four colors. If you would like me to make you a dress like this just send me the measurements around her chest and from her chest down to her feet. We can make anything that you would like. You will love this dress. Each dress is 40.00 plus ten dollars shipping:)